Does your vehicle require wheel or front end alignment service in Waukesha County?
Having your vehicle wheels and front end regularly checked for proper alignment is important for both steering and suspension components. Neglecting this can cause components to prematurely wear out and put you at risk of harm and/or expensive repairs.

Scheduling regular maintenance is essential to ensuring peak vehicle performance and safety. Maddison Automotive strives to help keep your vehicle safe and operating at peak performance. If you live in Waukesha County, contact us today to arrange an appointment and discover how our affordable alignment services are designed to keep you safe and prevent expensive repairs down the road.


Wheel Alignment

Contemplating your options for the most dependable wheel alignment in Waukesha County? Regular preventative maintenance is important because critical steering and suspension components are vulnerable to wear and tear. Schedule your appointment today and prevent expensive repairs down the road.

At Maddison Automotive in Wales, you’ll find friendly technicians with expertise and necessary skills to add life to your tires with proper wheel alignment.


Front End Alignment

Are you searching for front end alignment experts in Waukesha County? Maddison automotive offers front end alignment services on most cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Having regular front end alignments is important for preserving the integrity of steering and suspension components.

Maddison Automotive alignment services help you by adding years of useful life to your vehicle and provides incredible investment value for money.