The maintenance of your car or truck engine and transmission is one of the most important things that any vehicle owner should consistently schedule for service.  At Maddison Automotive our ASE Certified mechanics provide skilled, professional engine and transmission service and repair for Wales and the entire Waukesha county metro area.

Engine Service and Repair:

There is no engine repair or engine service job that is too large or too small, and we service most vehicle makes and models.

Maddison Automotive performs any engine repair or service, including:

  • tune ups
  • engine troubleshooting
  • fuel injectors
  • timing belts
  • cooling systems
  • spark plugs and wires
  • complete engine replacement
  • oil changes
  • and much more

Transmission Service and Repair:

Like your vehicle’s engine, the transmission needs a routine scheduled maintenance program as well.

Automobile manufacturers recommend that the transmission fluid in most cars should be changed on the average of every 30-40,000 miles.  Yet most people do not have  their transmission serviced or practice routine  fluid changes as recommended by the manufacturers.

At Maddison Automotive we specialize in transmission maintenance and offer the following services to ensure the safe and extended life of your vehicle transmission:

  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Transmission Filter Change
  • Transmission Cooler Installation/Service
  • Transmission Flush

Part of our Waukesha Transmission Service options is to offer a vehicle transmission flush.  A transmission flush is an excellent way to ensure that ALL of the fluid in your transmission is exchanged with new fluid.  This is especially important if your vehicle has never had a transmission fluid change.

We offer great deals on a transmission flush, so please stop in and ask us about this important automotive service option.

Maddison Automotive is the Wales engine service specialist