Jeff Maddison — A certified ASE Master technician.
Jeff is the owner and founder of Maddison Automotive. Jeff has been in the business of servicing and repairing cars for more than 30 years. He has a true love of cars. His belief in repairing a car correctly and honestly is the only way. He also knows hiring the best in the business with the same beliefs as his is critical. Jeff promises you quality work at a fair price performed by a staff that is second to none.

Mark—Service Advisor
Having been in the automotive business for more than 30 years, Mark brings a plethora of automotive knowledge to the table. He understands what it takes to repair a vehicle correctly. Also, he believes customer satisfaction of the process is paramount. Building a relationship of trust and respect with the customer is as important as the repair itself. His integrity and wealth of knowledge will insure your experience at Maddison Automotive is a good one.

Chad—A certified ASE Master Technician.
Chad has achieved the “World Class” certified technician endorsement from General Motors. He is proficient, professional, and with unmatched skills in all types of automotive repair. His extensive training and years of experience will guarantee your car is in the hands of one of the best!

Kevin—A certified ASE Master Technician.
Kevin is an expert in all aspects of auto repair. Certified by Ford Motor Company as well as extensive experience and knowledge of all car lines, you can rest assured, your car will be repaired quickly and correctly. Kevin is committed to fixing your car right the first time!

Scott — A certified ASE Master Technician.
Scott has extensive training and certifications by the Chrysler Corporation. Well versed in all makes and models, you can be confident your car is being repaired by a seasoned technician. He knows how to “fix” a car, not just replace parts!